• Julia Rettenmaier

What is stop motion animation?

Stop motion animation is a fascinating type of animation in which multiple photos are shown one after another in a specific order to simulate movement. After each photo is taken, the object or person moves slightly to create the illusion of motion in the final video. It's a captivating technique where objects seem to move by themselves, as in this example with the orange juice that magically fills and empties itself.

Stop Motion Gif, Stop Motion Animation, Animation, Frame by Frame, OJ, Orange Juice, What is stop motion, photography, creative photography, social media advertising, creative advertising
Orange Juice Stop Motion Animation

Stop motion is a popular niche style because of it's playful and fun way to tell a story. It's probably the most labor-intensive form of animation, but it gives the video a unique charm and authentic look that some other forms of animation and films don't seem to have. Stop motion animation is a wonderful way to stand out from the crowd as the digital world becomes increasingly dominated by video.

Stop Motion Animation, Animation, Frame by Frame, OJ, Orange Juice, What is stop motion, photography, creative photography, social media advertising, creative advertising
Stop Motion Animation frame by frame

What is stop motion animation used for?

Stop motion animation is very popular in the film and marketing world. Even if you aren't aware of it, you can see it daily in numerous commercials, music videos, social media posts, and even TV shows and movies.

Big brands such as Google, McDonalds and Starbucks use it to introduce their new products to global audiences in an authentic and playful way. In fact, according to a case study of Starbucks' Instagram video content strategy, their stop motion videos performed 16 % better than their other videos. In addition to their promotional value, stop motion videos are frequently used to teach how to use a product and what consumers should or should not do with it.

Stop motion videos are trendy, because they are short and precise, can be watched without sound, and can be played in autoplay on a variety of social media platforms. In a nutshell, it's the ideal tool for standing out from the crowd and highlighting your business in a fun and genuine way.

How can I use stop motion animations for my business?

Animated videos are typically very eye-catching and can be an effective way to engage your audience while promoting your business. In a market that is saturated with videos, especially with an increasing number of animated videos, stop motion is an animation style that can help your brand stand out.

If you don't know how to do it yourself, just let us know your budget and we'll come up with something fantastic for you.

What types of stop-motion animation are best for product advertising?

1. Object Animation - moving objects

2. Pixilation - moving people or animals

3. Cutout-Motion - moving paper/2D material

4. Claymation - moving clay

5. Silhouette Animation - backlighting cutouts

1. Object Animation

In object animation, you can use any object, or even multiple objects of your choice, to bring them to life. This type of animation is often used in tutorials, commercials, and videos for a variety of purposes. It can be easily combined with other animation techniques, as well as standard video recordings. The more distinctive, the better. You can take flat-lay photos, as in this example with the little vitamin man jumping out of the package, or you can take photos straight on the wall with a background of your choice. Or do a combination of both. There are no limitations.

2. Pixilation

At least one person or animal is required for this sort of stop-motion animation. To generate movement, they have to move slightly after each photo is taken. The jerky movements in Pixilation add a personal touch to the entire video and are especially effective when you combine them with a regular video or a time-lapse video. It is often used to spice up commercials, music videos and even feature films.

3. Cut Out Animation

Cut-out Motion is a fun type of animation to create a video using various pieces of paper. You can create an entire world with paper. And the fun part is that you can easily merge the 2D world with the 3D world by bringing in any type of objects. This way you tell your very own story about your brand, product or service. Cut-out Motion is a very playful type of animation and is mostly used in short films, commercials and on social media.

4. Claymation

Clay animation has been around almost as long as film. It can be molded into pretty much anything, and by moving it slightly after each photo, you can create movement. With clay animation, you can be very creative. You can combine it with wires to create incredible objects and characters, as well as fun transitions and transformations. This type of stop-motion animation is used in feature films, short films, and for social media ads.

5. Silhouette Animation

Backlighting objects, paper and sand brings this traditional style of stop motion to life. It's a unique way to promote your products and services, and can easily be combined with regular videos and other forms of stop motion. You can create incredibly simple Silhouette Animation versions and still make it a very effective way to introduce your product or service to new customers in an entertaining way. This type of stop-motion animation is not used very often in advertising and can therefore have a particularly great impact.


All of these stop motion techniques can help you significantly to draw more attention to your brand, products or services and have proven to be very successful on all social media platforms. Stop motion animation is a fun and subtle way to increase your reach and personalize your brand.